Sending Via Constant Contact just got even easier!

Here at GoldMail we’re a proud partner of email marketing leader Constant Contact, meaning you can add your messages to any of over 400 + of the best email marketing templates around, and all with just a few clicks.

Well, as of today we’re delighted to announce that ‘Sending via Constant Contact’ just got even easier. Our friends over at Constant Contact have integrated direct support for GoldMail with their new “Insert Video Link” feature. Now adding a clickable image of your GoldMail message is literally as simple as copying the link from GoldMail & pasting it into any Constant Contact email template. To watch just how easy it is play our 2 minute guide below.

Here’s what Constant Contact have to say about their great new feature…

“When it comes to ways you can make your emails more effective and engaging, nothing beats adding videos. Not only are links to videos visually interesting, but they’re exciting and useful to boot. After all, the prospect of watching a good video clip makes people perk up and often gets them involved enough to share your emails with their friends.

Want proof? In a survey by the World Wide Marketing Council, 73% of marketers said that integrating video with their email marketing efforts increased their click-through rates. MarketingSherpa reported that video in an email can lift conversion rates by 50%.”

Don’t forget, with Constant Contact email marketing for GoldMail you’ll benefit from:

  • Significantly above average (97%) Inbox delivery.
  • 400+ email marketing templates.
  • Email open rate & click through tracking.
  • List management & autoresponders.
  • Email coaching and support.

In support of this improved feature the latest GoldMail composer release is out today. To increase your click-through rates and speak to your audience with real impact, just look for the automatic update when you next login to GoldMail.

What do you think? let us know in the comments, or over at the feedback forum.

The GoldMail Team

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Stop Confusing – Start Convincing

Stop Confusing – Start Convincing

“There is nothing like this and it flat out works”, Tom Hakel CEO GoldMail

In September’s Thought Leader series, we are pleased to have Christophe Morin, best selling author of Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain.

Christophe will reveal the true triggers of the buying process in humans in a fascinating and practical way and will leave you excited about applying his prinicipals and methodology to your messaging and sales presentations.

  • Get More Meetings
  • Close More Deals
  • Retain More Clients

Don’t miss this event! View the GoldMail invite above and Register now below.

The webinar takes place on Friday, September 2 at 2 p.m. PST.

Join us for the Webinar on September 2nd

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


The GoldMail Team

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‘Like’ PhotoTalk – Talking Photo Albums on Facebook

Why Like PhotoTalk?

- Discover ways to create lasting experiences online.
- Get first access to new techniques with our new tool
- See how GoldMail PhotoTalk can maximize your social profile.

Like GoldMail PhotoTalk!

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Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Thought Leader Series Replay

 Did you miss the Patrick Schwerdtfeger GoldMail Thought Leader Series – Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed?

It’s a MUST WATCH Webinar!

Watch the Webinar Now.

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Watch GoldMails Without Leaving Outlook – Thanks, Xobni!

You may already be using Xobni. I hope you are—it’s a great way to make your email experience more productive by creating complete profiles for each of your contacts, including social media content, appointments, email threads, and more. Now, Xobni has taken email even further with Xobni Gadgets, a new way to integrate third-party services into Outlook. They’re launching the platform with 20 of the top companies in the business, including big names like Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube.  We’re especially excited about what this means for you, our customers.

When you receive GoldMail messages, they’re so much more compelling and content-rich than regular emails. If only you didn’t have to leave Outlook to play them … well, thanks to the new GoldMail Gadget for Xobni, now you don’t have to. Every GoldMail message you receive appears as a thumbnail right in your inbox, so you can play it without ever leaving Outlook, then resume your email experience. It makes a great tool even better, and it’s absolutely free.

Ready to try it out? Simple. Just click over to the GoldMail Gadget page on Xobni. You can also download the latest version of Xobni free if you don’t already have it. You might want to check out a few of the other Gadgets, too—it’s hard to stop with just one.

We’ve been fans of Xobni for a long time, and we’re looking forward to even more projects with them in the future. We’re in the same business, after all: making email excellent.

FOR DEVELOPERS – Xobni is hosting an event at their offices in SOMA the night before Google I/O.  Developers interested in hacking and exploring how to work their products or services into Outlook in a meaningful way to users should attend.  They promise good prizes. RSVP here.

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GoldMail Webinar 101 Training

Want to try GoldMail for FREE?  Visit right now!

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Thought Leader Series Webinar: Patrick Schwerdtfeger

GoldMail is pleased to have Patrick Schwerdtfeger – the author of “Webify Your Business” – as the speaker of our next Thought Leader Series.

Patrick is an inspiring speaker who has given keynotes and workshops in the United States, Canada and Europe. At latest count, his podcasts have been downloaded over 50,000 times in 27 countries and his articles have been published on thousands of different websites.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, May 5th at 2 p.m. PST.

Find out what it’s all about below:

Space is limited.


The GoldMail Team

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Does Anybody Actually READ Emails Any More?

Does Anybody Actually READ Emails Any More?

This was the question asked by the great Willie Crawford recently.  He went on to say, “Almost every day I get emails from people in response to an email that I sent where they ask questions that were actually answered IN the email that they are responding to.

  It’s like people read the first few sentences and then fire off questions.  They don’t even take the time to do a good skim.”

When you have an important message you want people to really take in – wouldn’t it be great to have your readers achieve maximum retention of the information?  Of course it would!

Reading alone is fine if that’s all you have available to you – but what if you could have your message seen, heard, and read?  You can do just that by creating an on-demand rich-media message or presentation. 

It’s like people read the first few sentences…

With GoldMail – not only can you increase retention – but you can also increase you and/or your company’s brand awareness.

And if all that wasn’t enough – you can also integrate a much needed call to action at the end of your message to allow recipients to get going immediately on what they’ve viewed!

Try out GoldMail for FREE and see what all the fuss is about!

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Misinterpretation of the Written Word

How well do you convey personality, emotion, and/or urgency within the emails you send? Especially when it comes to remote team members – that almost never see you?

In a recent article by Amy Mae Elliot“5 Tips for Keeping Remote Workers in the Loop” – she pointed out that, “However, the digital written word, be that email, instant messaging or group chat conversations, can easily be misinterpreted from afar.”

Amy also mentions that, “After a group call, send out (or delegate someone else to send out) brief notes and, most importantly, action points, so that everyone is clear on who is doing what…”

What if you could add voice and imagery to your messages?

Doing so would increase the likelihood of the message getting noticed in the first place – and allow people to determine your meaning and message tone much better.

Would you be more likely to notice this in your email?

– Or –

With GoldMail – you’re able to turn static information into DYNAMIC information!

If you’d like to learn more about GoldMail and how it can transform your messages – visit today!

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Email and Telephone – No Longer Sufficient

As the bombs began to rain down on London from the Nazi air strikes, Winston Churchill implored the United States, which had not yet entered the war, to provide England weapons and other military aid. “Give me the tools, and we’ll finish the job,” was his famous line. The United States, as we know, began shipping supplies immediately, as part of the Lend-Lease Act of 1941, and England was saved.

Our jobs as salespeople aren’t exactly comparable to Winston Churchill’s defense of Great Britain, but, like Churchill, we need do the tools to “finish the job”. And, like Britain, we need the right tools, the ones that are effective and tailored for our specific purposes. Unfortunately, most salespeople simply don’t have the right set of tools at their disposal, as most of them are limited to a telephone, an email account and some marketing collateral, often in the form of a PDF or a PowerPoint deck.

The gaping hole in the tool set of most sales people is a way to tell their story directly to the recipient, using attractive collateral that has been personalized for the audience – without being in front of the recipient. When we are in the same room as the target or on a web conference, we of course are well-positioned to personalize our message, tailor it to the circumstances and deliver it in an attractive and engaging tone. But, who’s able to get the “live” meeting these days? Who’s able even to get the recipient on the phone to set up a live meeting? With 70% of all calls now going into voice mail, being able to tell your story “live” has become almost impossible.

So, many salespeople are stuck. They’ve sent the collateral – typically by email, they’ve left a voice mail or two – and they are out of effective options to get their story heard. They can’t really call again, without seeming annoying or desperate; similarly sending another email with a PDF attached is no more likely to elicit a response than the first two emails. Of course, there’s always the U.S. Mail, but none of us can do business at such an antiquated place. And, the worst of it is, you don’t even know if your email has been read or your voice mail message retrieved.

The tool that’s missing is the one that allows the salesperson to speak directly to the recipient, make references to the collateral in terms that are personalized and relevant and do all of this at a time and place that’s convenient for the recipient. Further, this tool will tell you who has viewed the message, how many times and at what time. This tool exists, but salespeople in large numbers haven’t yet found it. But, they are catching on fast.
Our favorite brand of this sales tool is, of course, GoldMail, though arguably there are other communication platforms that can – with various degrees of difficulty – achieve roughly the same result. This sales tool lets you 1. Narrate a slide deck or other collateral – explain the proposition in terms that are personalized for the recipient; 2. Share the narrated slide deck with the recipient via email (your blog, web or Facebook page); 3. Allow the recipient to listen and view your message whenever it’s convenient for her. Though you are not “live” with the recipient, you are – through this audio-visual message – getting the majority of the beneficial elements of a face-to-face meeting.

So, there’s no need any more to sit there staring at the screen or the telephone with no other options. You are no longer stuck. Instead, you can look to see who among your targets has viewed the messages and follow up with them. With the rest of your time, you – without having to burden the marketing team – can make these powerful audio-visual messages and share them appropriately with your potential customers.

David Simpson is the co-founder and President of GoldMail, Inc., ( the leading provider of voice + visual messaging services. He can be reached at

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