GoldMail Now Imports PowerPoint Notes

Release 2010 02 is live…

Earlier this week the GoldMail team released a new version of GoldMail (2010 02) with a great new feature for anyone who uses PowerPoint to create their slides.

Click the image or link below for a quick update (00:40).

GoldMail Supports Powerpoint Notes

Now, when you create slides from a PowerPoint file, the PowerPoint slide notes will automatically import as GoldMail speaking notes. This means you can easily create your whole message in PowerPoint, then simply add it to GoldMail to record and share.

If you’ve been using GoldMail a while you’ll also notice we’ve changed how the GoldMail window minimizes. In response to your feedback, rather than minimizing to the system tray, you’ll find the GoldMail window is available from your task bar, meaning it’s always clearly visible.

As always, to get the latest release simply login to GoldMail and it will automatically download.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think, so why not leave us a comment above, and don’t forget we love hearing all your ideas over at the Feedback Forum.

The GoldMail Team

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