Misinterpretation of the Written Word

How well do you convey personality, emotion, and/or urgency within the emails you send? Especially when it comes to remote team members – that almost never see you?

In a recent article by Amy Mae Elliot“5 Tips for Keeping Remote Workers in the Loop” – she pointed out that, “However, the digital written word, be that email, instant messaging or group chat conversations, can easily be misinterpreted from afar.”

Amy also mentions that, “After a group call, send out (or delegate someone else to send out) brief notes and, most importantly, action points, so that everyone is clear on who is doing what…”

What if you could add voice and imagery to your messages?

Doing so would increase the likelihood of the message getting noticed in the first place – and allow people to determine your meaning and message tone much better.

Would you be more likely to notice this in your email?

– Or –

With GoldMail – you’re able to turn static information into DYNAMIC information!

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